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Overall winner of the 2020 championship in the 50 cc class

Placings / Final results

Unfortunately, most of the championships did not take place this year due to the coronavirus.

  • 17.10.2020

    1st place in the fourth Hessen Cup race, Aarbergen

  • 26.09.2020

    1st place in the third Hessen Cup race, Langgöns

  • 19.09.2020

    1st place at the second HessenCup race, Moorgrund

  • 22.08.2020

    1st place in the first Hessen Cup race, Sechshelden

  • 16.08.2020

    1st place ADAC race, Bauschheim

  • 05.08.2020

    1st place DJFM championship race, Dieskau

  • 15.02.2020

    1st place Mini SX-Cup, Trebra