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Podium at the European Championships in Prisannewitz / GER

MC Prisannewitz hosted the third meeting of the European Championship Central Europe Zone on its perfectly prepared, very demanding track. Apart from the icy wind, the weather played along perfectly, making it a great event.

Saturday started as usual with a warm-up. It was already clear there that I was in a very good position with second place.

The subsequent timed practice for the qualifying race also went smoothly. With third place out of 38 starters, the starting position was motivating.

The start of the qualifying race was okay, I turned into the first corner in sixth place and was able to work my way up to second place in the first two laps. The gap to the leader Harry Dale was already too big to be able to attack again. Nevertheless, I drew attention to myself by setting the fastest race lap. Britain’s Harry Dale won the qualifying race ahead of me and the Belgian Torre van Mechgelen.

On the morning of the race Sunday came the disillusionment, I caught a very bad cold overnight, so it was initially unclear how fit I would be on the bike.In consultation with coach Collin Dugmore and the AK Bouw- Hutten Metaal team coach Marcel Hartmann, the morning sports programme was slimmed down somewhat so as not to take any unnecessary risks.

For the morning warm-up, the focus was now on a clean line choice and saving as much energy as possible for the races. Seventh place was therefore perfectly acceptable with a clean driving performance.

I was already feeling a bit better before the first run, so I was in good spirits and highly motivated. I took my time looking at the track on the formation lap. This was to pay off once again.With an excellent reaction, I secured the holeshot and took a sensational lead in the race. Over several laps, Harry Dale and I fought an exciting duel for the race win. Towards the middle of the race, Dale overtook me and won the first race with a lead of around five seconds. Kenzo Jaspers (also AK Bouw-Hutten Metaal Junior Team) from the Netherlands crossed the finish line more than 30 seconds behind the leading duo.

Now it was time to recharge my batteries for the second race. Once again, I had a very good reaction at the start and was able to turn into the first bend at the same time as Dutch rider Teunis Spijkermann. I took the lead right at the second jump, while Dale was able to move up to second place on the first lap. A thrilling duel for the day’s victory at the EMX German Grand Prix ensued, and it couldn’t have been more intense. Both riders were pushing their 65cc machines to the absolute limit. Dale was able to pass me again, but I didn’t let up and chased the Brit over the big jumps of the MC Prisannewitz.On the penultimate lap, I was on and prepared an attack on the Brit, but once again I had to  line up a little unhappily when lapping him. Nevertheless, I tried everything in the last two laps to get a bit closer to the Brit again. He was able to win the nerve-wracking race and the day’s classification. I finished an outstanding second. The Dutchman Teunis Spijkermann and the Belgian Torre van Mechgelen finished in third and fourth place, again around 30 seconds behind me, in another thrilling duel.This meant that Harry Dale / GBR finished ahead of Luca Nierychlo / GERand Teunis Spijkermann / NED in the daily classification.

With one qualifying race still to go in Slovakia, the top five in the 65cc championship standings in the Central Europe Zone are as follows:

1. Harry Dale / GBR 150
2. Torre van Mechgelen / BEL 112
3. Kenzo Jaspers / NED 111
4. Luca Nierychlo / GER 101
5. Teunis Spijkermann / NED  99

We will continue our journey next weekend at the German 65cc Championship in Genthin.

Many thanks to all helpers on site, partners and sponsors!