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MSR Motocross Bad Salzungen

Just in time for the onset of autumn on the first weekend in October, the final round of the MSR Championship took place at MSC Kali Bad Salzungen. Due to the unsettled weather, it was set to be a difficult day of racing.

After running the track on Friday evening, we adjusted the bike, helmets and goggles to the muddy conditions. As expected, the track was quite muddy in free practice in the morning, but still quite rideable. Only the very strong crosswind caused me some problems on the bigger jumps. Nevertheless, it was enough for the best time.

In qualifying, the kids raced in heavy rain throughout. So we planned to do two fast laps right at the start before the visibility through the goggles and the yellow flags on the climbs prevented us from going fast. The plan worked. I was able to set my best times on laps one and two. This was also enough for pole position. The sun came out during the lunch break and the track dried out well. Hoping for a dry, great race, I was the first to go to the starting grid.

A heavy downpour began just in time for the start, meaning that the 65cc riders were once again out on the track in the pouring rain.

I was able to take the holeshot and win the race in a controlled and error-free manner, with a lead of around 15 seconds.

The start of the second run went well as planned and I was able to start the race in the lead. But due to the low sun, I made a serious mistake. When I was lapped, I crashed with full force into a slow driver who was crossing my lane.

Unfortunately, I recognised it too late and went down hard. As a result, I lost the lead. I came through the time loop three laps before the end, about 17 seconds behind the first-placed rider.

I put on a real firework display on the last three laps and was even able to recapture the lead on the penultimate lap and win the second race. So the day’s victory was secure.

In the championship, I ended up in second place in the final standings, as I didn’t ride two complete events due to overlaps with the EMX.Many thanks to all supporters and also to the MSR, which paid the full entry fees for allraces of the 65cc riders.