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Runner-up title in the German Motocross Championship 65cc

On Sunday, 16.10.2022, the last meeting of the 65cc pilots in Thurm, Saxony, was on our programme. The club offered the best conditions for all classes and so we youngsters were also able to celebrate a worthy finale.

The title fight was exciting.

Because with my two race wins in the last race in Torgau, I was able to reduce the gap to the overall leader Neo Nindelt from MSCTeutschenthal to ten points, so that neither driver could afford to make a mistake in Thurm.

It was already clear at the start of qualifying that it was going to be an exciting day. About halfway through the session, I took over the position in the sun. However, Neo Nindelt and the Englishman Harry Dale were able to set a faster lap time. This meant that championship leader Nindelt was in pole position on his Yamaha, followed by Harry Dale from England on a KTM and me.

At the start of the first race, both title contenders got through turn one without any problems.Tom Sönke Hänel led the field, ahead of Dion Brakke from the Netherlands and myself.

He was followed by Harry Dale and Neo Nindelt. At the end of the first lap, I was able to take the lead on my Mefo-Sport-Factory Husqvarna and had a clear run.

Harry Dale and Neo Nindelt fought their way past Dion Brakke and Tom Sönke Hänel in the course of the race. I kept my composure at the front and won the first race with a lead of around ten seconds over Neo Nindelt and Harry Dale.

As a result, I reduced the gap by a further three points to first place in the overall standings. Now seven points separated Nindelt and Nierychlo.

But fate took its course at the start of the second race and ended all our hopes of winning the title. I was involved in a crash at the start and had to restart the race from the back. Meanwhile, Nindelt in first place drove safely and initially without mistakes towards the title. With a thrilling and faultless race to catch up, I was able to move up to fourth place, just 0.129 seconds behind Brakke from the Netherlands, who was able to finish third. The race was won by Harry Dale ahead of Neo Nindelt, who had a small slip shortly before the end.

I was delighted with the runner-up title, but the disappointment at missing out on the day’s victory was huge. This went to Harry Dale from England with a score of 3/1, followed by Neo Nindelt 2/2 and me in third place with 1 /4.

Nevertheless, we can be very proud of our DM season. Like Neo Nindelt, I was able to climb onto the podium in the daily rankings at all events. I took my first DM one-day win at the MSC Pflückuff in Torgau and won four races. You’ll soon find out how things are going for us in the coming season.

Many thanks to all sponsors, helpers, patrons and the whole family!

Special thanks to Collin Dugmore for the perfect preparation!

See you soon, Luca #2