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MSR Motocross Kaltenholzhausen

In mid-July, MSC Kaltenholzhausen invited us to the MSR Motocross on its technically very demanding track. Just like last year, I wanted to ride on this track and at the same time qualify for the Cross Finals. Friday evening we looked at the track as usual and discussed the programme for the race day.

In free practice it was still relatively damp due to the heavy watering, so I wasn’t able to jump the whoop section and a big table, but I was still the fastest 65 rider on the track. The technical track really suits me.

In the late morning we went into qualifying. We discussed the plan beforehand. I was supposed to do two laps to set a fast time. Then I was supposed to come into the pits to discuss anything else. At the end, when the track gets drier and faster, I should push one or two more laps. And that’s exactly what I did, setting an unbeatable best time at the start because I had two free laps. After the pit stop, on my last lap, with a slightly drier track, I was able to set another lap with a clear run. I improved by another second. So pole position was safe.

The start of the first race went smoothly. I came out of the gate very well, moved onto the inside lane and turned into the first bend in the lead. I didn’t relinquish the lead until the finish and was able to extend my lead to around 56 seconds and win confidently.

I got away well again in the second race, but due to the heavy watering I made the decision to enter the first corner from a little further out, which unfortunately cost me the holeshot. However, he was able to take the lead in turn three and drive a faultless race. He won the second race with a 27-second lead.

When both runs were added together, this also resulted in victory on the day and second place in the championship.This ensured qualification for the Cross Finals.