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MSR Mühlhausen

On the first weekend in July, MC Mühlhausen hosted the next round of the MSR Championship.

It was a new course for us, which I loved straight away. To qualify for the Cross Finals, I have to keep collecting points at the MSR, and that’s what I wanted to do.

In free practice, it looked like there could be a duel with Hannes Lorenz from MC Mühlhausen in the scoring runs, as he was also travelling very fast. I was delighted with the track, and it showed.

In qualifying, we tried to work on our communication again. The processes have improved significantly in recent weeks and I was able to complete the timed practice as previously agreed.

I was able to secure pole position with a lead of around 3.8 seconds.

The start of the first race went perfectly, I turned into the first corner in the lead and was able to pull away from the rest of the field straight away. After a flawless race, I was able to secure victory by 18.8 seconds.

Second race, same picture. I drove to a perfect start-finish victory. At all times I dominated the 65cc class in Mühlhausen. As a result, I won both races and scored full points again.

I am now in second place in the championship, despite the fact that we were unable to take part in two events due to clashing dates.

We are well on the way to qualifying for the Cross Finals.

A sand race is finally coming up again next weekend. It’s off to Hummelo for the Dutch Championship.