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Race report MX Hessencup MSC Michelbacher Hütte / Aarbergen

Sovereign victory in Aarbergen

The MSC Michelbacher Hütte organised the second round of the MX Hessencup. The riders found a very well prepared track on Friday afternoon. But in the evening, a thunderstorm moved over the area around Aarbergen, making the track look more like a stream.

The next morning the track was still very muddy, and in places the wind had already helped to dry out some of the mud and water holes.

We decided not to do the free practice session. For one thing, the track was still very wet, so we wanted to rule out the possibility of water getting into the engine via the air filter box. In addition, it is not permitted to wash the motorbikes with a high-pressure cleaner in Aarbergen. There is also no washing area. Unfortunately, four riders attempted to tackle the poor conditions. Afterwards, our decision proved to be the right one.

So we started with the timed practice. Aarbergen is one of my favourite tracks, so it wasn’t difficult for me to set fast times straight away. By now the track had dried out well and was clear. So it was only muddy in places, but still very rideable.

I was able to set the fastest time right at the start and beat it several times during the course of the qualifying session. Pole position was therefore guaranteed.

The start of the first race went very well. I was able to put my Husqvarna right at the front and turned into the first bend in the lead. Over the course of the race, I was able to pull out a lead of over a minute on the second-placed rider. A commanding start-finish victory.

Race number two was a copy of the first race. Once again, I won the start and immediately pulled away. I was able to make up about ten seconds per lap on second place.

I also won this run by over a minute.

So the day’s victory was secure!

Many thanks to all sponsors, supporters and patrons.

Your Luca, #2