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MSR Motocross in Schrecksbach

On the third weekend in June, we travelled to the MSR Motocross at the former World Championship track in Schrecksbach. After only an hour’s journey, we were already at the track and were able to take a look at the conditions on Friday evening.

After making some changes to the bike compared to the previous weeks, we were excited to see how this would pay off. I was able to familiarise myself with the bike in free practice and could already feel significant improvements compared to the previous week.

The qualifying session went exactly according to plan. Two laps down – short pit stop – two more laps down. This secured pole position and we were able to further improve and familiarise ourselves with our processes for the “big” races.

The start of the first run went perfectly. I lined up at the top of the first starting gate. The start straight had the best course there. All the other starting positions were at an angle on the slope.

After a few metres I pulled away and drove a flawless race to win the heat.

Second race, another perfect start. After about half the race distance, I had already pulled out a big lead over my pursuers. I got the signal from the pits to save power and play it safe. And that’s exactly what I did. I slowed down minimally and tried not to lose any time when lapping.

I also won the second run confidently and unchallenged.

The top spot on the podium was therefore also achieved in the daily classification.

See you very soon.