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Thuringia Championship – ADAC Motocross Bruchstedt

Directly after the MSR race in Schrecksbach, we went straight on to the ADAC Motocross in Bruchstedt on Friday evening. A very strong field of riders awaited us there on Sunday. Some riders from the DM65 and EMX65 were registered.

On Sunday morning I had a look at the route.

The free practice session started with a little tension. However, the tension quickly turned into fun on the track and good lap times. I was able to set the best time straight away. However, free practice was cancelled after three laps due to a serious crash involving another rider.

For qualifying, we as a team have decided to continue working on our communication between the helper box and the driver, as well as skilfully organising the driving time.

I set a very fast lap time on lap three as I had a clear run and was in first place.

I came into the pits towards the middle of qualifying. A short break to discuss the most important things and have a drink in the heat was important to bring calm and communicate any potential for improvement.

I then went back out onto the track and improved my own best time by a whole two seconds on the fast track.

This made pole position more than certain and caused some astonished faces.

The first race started before the lunch break in sweltering heat.

I came out of the gate really well and was also the first to turn into the bend. However, I had too much surplus and had to make a bigger turn to avoid crashing on the rolly bend. So I started the race in fourth place. By the end of lap one, I was already in third place and I was able to take the lead on the second lap.

What my team in the helper’s box didn’t realise was that I had been stung under myhelmet on the first lap and was struggling with pain and itching.

However, I was able to extend my lead from lap to lap and safely took the race win.

The start to race two was perfect. Very good reaction and took the lead straight away. I was able to win the second race with a big lead thanks to clever driving and good power management.

So I was also able to win the ADAC Motocross in Bruchstedt with aplomb.