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MSR Motocross MSC Michelbacher-Hütte Aarbergen 

The first round of the MSR Championship took place on the traditional track of the MSC Michelbacher-Hütte near Limburg.

We travelled to Aarbergen with the plan to use the race event as further preparation for the upcoming races in Lommel and Genthin.

This course is one of my favourites, also because I have been able to take the day’s victory at every start so far. And that was exactly my goal this Saturday.

In free practice, I was able to show my ambitions for victory straight away in the field of 23 riders and set the fastest time.

The timed practice started late in the morning. I had a look at the track first and tried out different tracks. A good choice of lanes was particularly important in the forest section. From the middle of the qualifying session, I then started to set fast times and once again set the best time and was able to secure pole position.

The start of the first race went quite well. I turned into the first bend in second place, but was able to take the lead on the second bend and extend my lead straight away to win the race.

In the afternoon, we went to the pre-start for race number two. This time I placed my Husqvarna in the centre of the starting area, as the starting straight was very wet due to the watering during the lunch break. This meant I could quickly ride out of the starting gate into the dry main track. And the plan worked. The gate dropped and I was the first to turn into the bend.

Once again, I immediately pulled away from my pursuers and was able to ride a faultless race and claim victory for the day.

This secured me victory for the day and completed my preparations for the “big” races.

Many thanks to all the sponsors, supporters and helpers on site.