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Easter motocross in Langgöns

Luca dominates the Easter motocross in Langgöns in central Hessen

Last weekend saw the traditional Easter motocross organised by AMC Langgöns, where the first round of this year’s ADAC Nordrhein MX Cup was held.

For a change, the journey was short, with only around 30 kilometres between our home town and the AMC track. Accordingly, we had enough time the day before to take a close look at the track, as Langgöns is known for its high speed and big jumps.

I competed as a guest rider to gain more racing practice for the German Youth Motocross Championship, which is about to begin.

Nevertheless, I set the fastest time straight away and was able to beat it significantly in the final phase when the ground had dried out a little. This secured pole position and set me up perfectly for the races.

The first race followed after the lunch break. The start went smoothly and I came out of the first corner in the lead, so I had a clear run straight away. I piloted my Husqvarna to the finish line confidently and without any mistakes and won the first race by a large margin.

Right before the second race, the track was literally flooded, which was completely unnecessary. I took a very close look at the track on the formation lap, which was to pay off in the race. Once again, I was able to win the start and lead the field. Thanks to a skilful choice of line and a sensitive throttle hand, I immediately pulled away from the rest of the field. I won the second race safely at all times and with a clear lead.

This was my first win of the season for the ADAC Hessen-Thüringen and the Mefo Sport Factory Racing Team.

Many thanks to all the sponsors and supporters, as well as the many people who cheered me on along the route.