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ONK Motocross Axel/NL – Dutch Championship

Last weekend, the ADAC Hessen-Thüringen protégé travelled to the Dutch championship in Axel, about five kilometres from the North Sea.

On Sunday morning, we went straight into qualifying in cool but sunny weather. I got off to a good start on the deep sand track and was able to secure twelfth place in the very strong field of riders and gain further experience in the sand. During the qualifying session, there was a collision with another rider and our race bike was badly damaged. I now had to contest the races on the training bike. However, this was not to be a disadvantage, as both bikes are built in the same way. The tension before the first race was enormous. I was able to make good use of the introductory lap to scrutinise some of the key sections. The start went well, so that at the end of lap one, eighth place was recorded on the time monitor. Over the course of the race, I fought a few battles and was in seventh place at one point. After a riding mistake, which fortunately did not lead to a crash, the two pursuers were able to pass me. So ninth place was a great result for our local team. After analysing and inspecting the track, the conditions for a second good run were already in place.

The warm-up lap on the sandy track was again very decisive for the initial phase. I used this to get an overview.

The start of the second race went very well. I came out of the gate perfectly and turned into the first corner in fifth place. I had to let two riders go on lap one and was therefore in a strong seventh place at the start.

A fierce battle for sixth place developed between me and the two Dutchmen from the Hutten Metaal Junior Team. Towards the middle of the race, there were several changes of position in the group, so we offered the spectators some exciting racing. In the last two laps I tried not to take any more risks and to hold on to seventh place, which I managed to do. So my first start in the all-important Dutch championship was a complete success with seventh place in the daily standings.

Many thanks to all helpers, sponsors and supporters who also cheered from home!

See you soon, Luca #2