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MX Hessen Cup Sechshelden

In mid-August, we travelled straight from the ADAC Hessen-Thüringen summer camp to the MX Hessen Cup at our home track in Sechshelden.

There was only one goal for me here, to win the day.

I showed all my skills in the free practice session at the Sechshelden quarry. I set the benchmark extremely high, as I was a whole 12.6 seconds faster per lap than the runner-up.

We then got the bike ready for qualifying. I had huge problems in qualifying to get a free lap or a lap without a yellow. After the watering, the track was very slippery, so riders kept getting stuck on the uphill sections.

But after a short pit stop, we matched the competitors so that I could take off with a clear run. I still had one lap left to beat the best time I had set myself. I actually managed to set a great time. A whole 7.7 seconds faster than second place.

The start of the first race didn’t go perfectly, I let the clutch in a little too quickly and the bike went up at the front. Nevertheless, I was able to ride through the first corner in third place and take the lead within the first lap.

I rode the race in a controlled and error-free manner, extending my lead to the finish to a whopping 46 seconds.

I got off to a great start in the second race, but had to give way to a competitor in the first corner to avoid a collision. However, I overtook him on the bend and pulled away from the field again. I also won the second race with a 38.7 second lead.

I achieved my goal for the day, a commanding victory on my home track. I’m now in fifth place in the championship, but unfortunately we weren’t able to take part in all the Hessen Cup races due to overlaps in the German and European championships.