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German Youth Motocross Champion Class 65ccm 2023

The season finale took place in mid-September in Westerhausen am Harz, where valuable points were at stake once again in the best motocross weather. This was also the case for us. We had to skip the event in Schweighausen due to injury, which meant that despite our double victory in Thurm, we were not yet certain of the title.

Everything was as usual for us, but the tension was a little higher on Saturday morning before the first training session. And this already went very well, as I got to grips with the very deep track and secured the best time straight away. In the qualifying session that followed, the track was much easier to ride for the 65cc riders, meaning that everyone’s lap times also improved significantly. Once again, I secured the best time to start from pole position in the classification races.

Immediately after the lunch break, the 65ers took to the start line. The track had been heavily watered, making the jumps and landings very dangerous. Riding technique and a good feel were required here. I only just missed the holeshot, but took the lead before the first jump. I consistently extended my lead lap by lap and won the first race with a 45-second gap to second-placed Dane Krysztoforski. The start of the second race was not good, I didn’t get off the mark at all and ended up in 20th place. However, the race was cancelled on the first lap due to a rider crashing. The track crew worked on the track again at this point to improve the safety of the riders. Everything came together again at the restart, so I secured the holeshot and had a clear run from the start. This was of course an advantage on the extremely slippery, waterlogged track, allowing me to pull away from the rest of the field again. I won the second race with a solid 33-second lead and secured the title of German Youth Motocross Champion 65cc Class 2023.

Conclusion: “I’m just happy that I was able to win the title despite my injuries this season. A big thank you to Collin Dugmore and Mart de Jong, who have both been supporting me for a long time and working on my riding technique, my parents, my little brother Max and the AK Bouw-Hutten Metaal Junior Team, as well as the ADAC Hessen-Thüringen.”

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