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Perfect debut on 85cc – First race on the big bike

Just in time for the start of autumn, the MSC Wachenberg in Haiger-Allendorf hosted the final round of the Motocross Hessen Cup. Two days before the event, we spontaneously decided to enter the new 85cc GasGas. So, with a total of three hours of training on the big bike, I went straight to the start of a race in the 85cc class. There were no expectations, but I still realised on site that some spectators and connoisseurs of the scene were excited to see me on the 85cc bike.

In the morning, things were already going well in free practice, so I set the second-best lap time. Just behind the first-placed driver. I was clearly the smallest and youngest in the field of riders, the other guys/girls are about 10-20cm taller and up to five years older than me. But I didn’t let that put me off my stride.

In the late morning, we then went into qualifying. The track was very grippy at this point and the fog from the morning had lifted considerably. I was able to set good lap times on the first few laps and move to the front of the field, meaning I started the race from pole position in my first 85cc race.

After the lunch break, it was time for me to continue. I had a good look at the watered track on the formation lap and then rolled into my starting position.The start went really well, I was able to take the lead straight away and control the race over the entire distance. After about 20 minutes of driving, I won the first race with aplomb.

The second race followed in the afternoon. Once again, I took the lead right from the start. Once again, I was able to finish the race in a controlled and error-free manner as the leader.Thus, I secured my first victory of the day in the 85cc class of the Motocross Hessen Cup.